Sid Meier: Civilization Will Come To The PC As Long As You Want It

Sid Meier is a man of many talents and just because he takes a less hands-on approach with recent titles does not mean he's any less committed to the PC as a gaming platform.

Speaking with IGN, Meier stated;
“Civilization has its roots in PC gaming and we intend to continue to deliver games for that platform as long as fans keep asking for them."

“There are now Civilization games on PC, consoles, mobile devices and Facebook, so we’re not limiting our options on where Civ can be enjoyed.”
Meier went on to talk about how Fireaxis is poised to work on more than just Civilization.
“We have the bandwidth and versatility to do several projects on multiple platforms very well due to the quality and talent of the folks at Firaxis. We will continue to focus on developing great games for the consoles and PC,” he said.
Talking about Civilization World's multiplayer focus and how Facebook can help the games grow. [qoute]“One thing we found was that once you could show a player the fun they could have collaborating with their friends as part of a nation, they quickly became deeply involved in the game,” he said.

“We’re able to do things we’ve never done before and really focus on the social aspect of gameplay.”[/quote] Civilization World is going through open beta on Facebook as of current.