RPG Shooter 'Hard Reset' Announced

Flying Wild Hog have announced a new RPG-shooter called "Hard Reset".

The new developer not only announced the new game but released a cinematic trailer to go along with it. Talk about arriving in style!

The game will be a "dark sci-fi" title that will boast a single-player only mode and will mold shooter gameplay with RPG characteristics. The game engine the game was built with is simply called the "Road Hog".

The game will be released exclusively on the PC in September and the plot revolves around a soldier named "Major Fletcher" and his adventures through the last remaining human city, Bezoar. His trials and tribulations will come while fighting off the human-hating robotic creatures that threaten our very existence.

Flying Wild Hog is made up of developers from CD Projekt RED, People Can Fly, and City Interactive.

Via PC Gamer