Codemasters Discussing Including A "Classic Races" Mode In Future F1 Titles

Codemasters Steve Hood has hinted that the developing firm has held internal conversations about including a "Classic Races" mode in future F1 racing titles.

In a recent interview with GamerZines, Hood stated that including the "historical stuff" via a new game mode or as DLC would be "a cool thing to include".
I want to be able to race the 92 Monaco race with Senna versus Mansell as a particular scenario it would be awesome, Hood mused. I think its more likely for the first instance to get individual cars and build scenarios around them, rather than building the entire field in a season.

I dont think it would be a standalone game because the further away you get, the less likely you are to have a market for that. However, I do think its a cool thing to include and if it was built on top of the game as DLC, I honestly think Codemasters could make money out of it and gamers would appreciate it.

Were pressing to do DLC. We have those discussions, weve been having them since 10. If Codemasters keep those licenses rolling and the Concorde agreement gets renewed in 2013, I think well definitely hit that mark.
F1 2011 is out in September for the PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, and PC.