Report: Rockstar Will Not Be Publishing Next Team Bondi Title

Looks like L.A. Noire will be the last game (at least for a while) that Rockstar has a hand in publishing from developer Team Bondi.

According to this report which states, "the relationship with Rockstar has been badly damaged Brendan treats L.A. Noire like a success due to his vision but I think Rockstar are the ones who saved the project."
They continued to sink money into LA Noire, and their marketing was fantastic. Without their continued support, Team Bondi would have gone under several years ago.
Rockstar has also been interested in purchasing Team Bondi in the past and making it part of Rockstar's wheel house development team.
The more they worked with Team Bondi management, the more they came to understand that this was a terrible idea.
This news is too bad as L.A. Noire has become one of Rockstar's most successful titles.