Hellgate Open Beta Gets Launch Date

T3 Entertainment has announced that the free-to-play title Hellgate will be getting an open beta at the end of this month.

The open beta will begin on June 30 and will contain two new game modes in the form of the PvP Duel Arena and the Cow Room.

In the PvP Duel Arena you will be able to modify certain game settings and battle rules in four different areas; Abandoned Passage, Black Wall Way, Forgotten Grave, and Passage of Hallucination. Each base will have Recovery Crystals near them in the mode that will allow you to regain HP, MP, and different shields. If you happen to be on the winning team in the mode you will receive PvP points which you can then use to buy different accessories and other in-game items. Each week the developers will reward the top 10 players from the PvP Duel Arena mode.

In the Cow Room mode you will be thrust into a room with bunches of normal and mummified zombies who will be protecting the rooms' "boss". There will be a sandstorm of sorts that will cause your vision to be blurred for a certain amount of time.

If you'd like to sign-up for the open beta, go here.