Duke Nukem Forever Was "75-80% Complete" Before 3D Realms Closed

David Riegel, of Triptych Games, recently revealed that Duke Nukem Forever was "75-80% complete" when 3D Realms shut down.

Revealing as much in a recent podcast on the games' official site, who worked for 3D Realms before moving on, stated that the percentages for the game being complete were "uneven".
When 3D Realms shut its doors in May, I would say the game was maybe about 75-80 (percent) compared to what it is today, he said.

But it was interesting because it was a kind of an uneven 80 (percent). Most of the characters didnt exist. NPC behavior didnt really exist, like no head tracking or eye tracking, no lip syncing, none of that. No music, no ending: there was a planned ending but it wasnt really there.
Riegel, since moving from 3D Realms, formed Triptych Games back in 2009 with other 3D Realms former employees.

Duke Nukem Forever is out on June 14 in the US and June 10 everywhere else for the PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, and PC.

Via BigDownload