Inemeri Announced By Upstart November Studios

Upstart developer, November Studios, have announced their first project, titled Inemeri.

The new developing studio houses three former LucasArts developers who worked on Star Wars: The Force Unleashed. The fourth member of the developer formerly worked for EA Sports.

The studio's mission statement will be to create social networking games that rival big time productions from other studios.

The studio's co-founder, Szymon Swistu, stated in an interview with Gamasutra,
“We want to take what we know and love about next-gen games: the deep immersion, high-fidelity atmosphere, multi-layered skill based mechanics, and bring them into the casual social gaming world."
The studio's first title, Inemeri, will be a 3D streaming game playable in you browser or on iDevices.

While details were scarce on the new title, it's probable that the game will feature social networking aspects with the tagline "share the epic".

You can sign up for the games' beta here.

Via Joystiq