Multiplayer Confirmed For Max Payne 3

The latest issue of the magazine EDGE has confirmed that Max Payne 3 will contain a multiplayer faction in some sort or fashion.

The feature in the magazine shows Max with a head full of fair as opposed to the last time we saw Mr. Payne, a couple of years ago, when he was bald and quite dirty.

According to the magazine, we are going to see Max Payne when he's on top of his game and when he's found the bottle of a bottom one too many times.

Max Payne 3 is being developed in a joint effort by four Rockstar studios; Vancouver, New England, Toronto, and London.
“We have a lot of talented people across all our studios,” said MP3′s art director, Rob Nelson, “and this just means we can bring the right people in for a specific task when needed – and it gives the games a consistant level of quality and an approach that’s Rockstar.”
According to the magazine, Max Payne 3 will have a "Bad Company" destruction system to it, meaning nearly everything will be able to be destroyed. Also presented will be a wheel-based weapon system as well as a revamped cover system. Bullet-time will be used by charging it up depending on the number of enemies you've killed.

The magazine points out that the comic type panels will be returning with this third installment, but “These dramatic plot pointers use the in-game engine and show an animated collage of action footage.”

The Euphoria Engine was used in the game as well as hundreds of motion captured footage, which Rockstar is quickly becoming known for (see L.A. Noire).

Originally Rockstar stated that they would be bringing in a new voice actor for Max Payne, but it has since been confirmed that James McCafferty would be reprising his role from the previous Max Payne titles.

No release date has been issued for the game by Rockstar. Next year would be a good guess though.