APB: Reloaded Beta Reaches 250,000 Applicants

It would appear that gamers have not been dismayed by the former Realtime Worlds MMO, All Points Bulletin, going the way of the dinosaurs and then coming back like J.H.C.

APB: Reloaded's official blog is reporting that the closed beta has had well over 250,000 applicants. The closed beta is only going to take 25,000 testers with 1,600 being able to play simultaneously.

Cross-region play will soon be added to the beta with another 25,000 testers added as well.

Not to fret, if you don't get picked for any of the closed beta waves of testers K2 Network has promised that you all will be given early access to the open beta.

No release date has been announced for the retail version of the relaunch.

Via BigDownload