Capcom: DmC To Be "The Greatest" Devil May Cry Title

Capcom has officially lofted hefty expectations on top of their upcoming Devil May Cry reboot, DmC. How do we know this, well simply because the firm's head of European marketing has called it the "greatest" Devil May Cry title.

Capcom's spokesperson stated on the official forums,
“Capcom are heavily involved in the development of all it’s IP being worked upon by outside parties."

” … When searching for developers to work for Capcom look for companies who skills match up with our own. It’s a perfect marriage of talent and ideas.

” … Ninja Theory [is] renowned for the quality of [its] production everything from motion capture, scripting, design and performance, areas perhaps that Capcom [has] been criticised [for] over the past few years? Capcom bring[s] to the table years of experience with design of fighting systems, characters and the little things that make Devil May Cry, well Devil May Cry.

“Combine all the best elements of Capcom and Ninja Theory you will have one of the greatest DMC titles ever created… and that people is what we’re working towards.”

Of the original series, the representative commented “Let’s be honest they were great games (averaging in the low 80′s on metacritic) but not perfect,” citing level design and loading times as flaws.

“We’re now aiming to make the perfect DMC game that gets 90′s.”
Apparently Capcom felt that the Devil May Cry franchise had been watered down after DMC4, so it was important that they retain the game's "core DNA" while trying to accomplish a flawless reboot.
“Working with a developer is a lot more than looking at their previous games,” he said. “But the skills that they have and what they can bring to the table and how our skills at Capcom can benefit them in our marriage. ”

“We haven’t handed over the family silver to some strangers,” he added later.

“We are working with Ninja Theory on this together. We believe that by going down this route we can breath new life into the franchise and make a game that sits above Devil May Cry 3 for this generation.

“I promise that the game is in very good hands of extremely talented developers both at Capcom and Ninja Theory.”
DmC is out in 2012.