Dark Souls Map To Be 1.5x Larger Than Demon's Souls

Hidetaka Miyazaki, director for Dark Souls, has stated that Dark Souls' map will be 1.5x larger than that of Demon's Souls.

In an interview with 1UP, Miyazaki said,
“For simplicity of explanation, as compared to Demon’s Souls, the map will be approximately 1.5 times the size."

“It may feel even bigger to the players.”
Miyazaki did state that the maps would include pocket areas that would reward players for exploring but would not contain any side quests.
“We will implement small events to encourage players to create their own mini objectives,” he said.
Miyazaki stated that the story would be told in a similar fashion to Demon's Souls.
“I wanted to create a game where, ideally, the player’s game play would, ‘become a story in itself’”, he said.

“Hence, there is little difference in terms of approach to the concept of a story from Demon’s Souls.”