L.A. Noire To Draw "All Types Of Players With Various Experience Levels"

Brendan McNamara, Team Bondi bossman, recently spoke about the developers upcoming crime thriller, L.A. Noire, and just what type of audience the game is going to attract.

Speaking with Paste Magazine, McNamara stated,
“We recognize that LA Noire will draw all types of players with various levels of experience and skills,” he said.

“The goal wasn’t to make a punishingly difficult experience for newcomers, or a game that felt too easy for the hardcore. Proficiency in interrogations can reward the player in a number of ways: a new clue may surface, an expedited path to the end of the case may present itself, perhaps a side story of a character unfolds.

“We want to reward and encourage players to strive for the truth in every interrogation, but we understand that, sometimes, you just get it wrong. And that’s OK,” he continued.

“Players will never fail a case or their progress impeded for performing dismally in an interrogation. They may just have a longer road to travel to the truth. We also recognise that women appear to be much better at reading lies than men.”
McNamara did stated that action throughout the game would vary "case by case" but he also added that most cases can be solved without violence.
“For example, instead of pulling out his gun and shooting a fleeing suspect, Phelps can fire a warning shot that stops the person in their tracks,” he said.

“Other times, Phelps has little choice but to roll up his sleeves and pursue justice using deadly force. It becomes a balancing act between introducing players to a radically different type of gameplay and also maintaining a level of comfort and familiarity.”
L.A. Noire is out on May 17 in the US and May 20 in Europe for the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360.