Crysis 2 Leaked To Torrent Sites, Watch First 25 Minutes

As is being reported, Crytek's yet-to-be released sequel, Crysis 2, has made its way to torrent sites around the world. If that wasn't bad enough, someone has posted the first 25 minutes of the game onto the internet.

The developer build of Crysis 2 was leaked early containing the full game, multiplayer, and master key for online authentication, making it nearly impossible to detect who has an early copy. This unfortunate event (for Crytek) may be a blessing in disguise for the gaming world as the leak may push EA and Crytek to release the game early ahead of its March release date to save face.

The game is set to be available on the PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, and PC.

Watch the first 25 minutes here: