Company Of Heroes Online To Close Permanently?

We're hearing a disturbing rumor making the internet rounds this evening, and it revolves around Company of Heroes Online closing its doors permanently.

While the CoH Online beta is about to end, a post over on the game's official site seems to hint at the game never seeing a full release.
“We will be closing Open Beta on March 31, 2011 to evaluate the next steps for the Company of Heroes series,” an admin wrote.

“We sincerely appreciate your participation, support, and feedback in helping us to design the future of the Company of Heroes franchise,” the post concludes, reiterating that Relic is “excited to reveal the next evolution of the series in the near future.”
Now while we might be reading a bit much into this, why would the admin who posted the response not refer to a release date for the game?

If you pre-ordered the game before today, February 1, you'll receive a hefty discount on the game's Gold Edition, according to THQ.