Star Wars: The Old Republic Gets A Release Date?

According to select reports, BioWare is set to release their upcoming MMO/RPG Star Wars: The Old Republic this summer.

In a report over at MCV, the game will be releasing at some point in September. The Old Republic was first announced back in 2008 and was originally given a spring 2010 release date. That has since come and pass and this is the first we're hearing of a "hard" release window.

If indeed the game does release in September, BioWare will have pretty much cornered the market on video games in 2011 with Dragon Age II releasing in March, The Old Republic in September, and Mass Effect 3 in November.

Previous reports have stated that BioWare and EA have spent well over $300 million on The Old Republic and it would be "one of the biggest failures gaming has ever seen".

We'll see, I suppose.