Isaac Won't Be Up For Any Dialogue Awards Any Time Soon

Visceral's Shereif Fattouh, who is Dead Space 2's producer, recently stated that the game's protagonist, Isaac Clarke, won't be a "chatty Cathy" in the sequel. Fattouh goes on to say that video game hero's that speak too much in games are a bit "ridiculous".

Link must be this guy's hero then.

In an interview with VG247, Fattouh goes on to say;
“We’ve gone though a lot of edits throughout the game’s development, where we write a line of dialogue – or maybe a monologue – that sounds great on paper, it makes sense, and it fits in with the story – but then we put it in the game and it’s like ‘Wow, this is really taking too long,’” he said.

“You know, I’m already running into the next combat sequence or I’m going on to the next story beat and he’s still talking. It’s kind of out of rhythm.

“He’s not a chatty Cathy.”

“I myself was usually the one [saying], ‘That can’t happen, it’s way too long, we gotta go into the next thing.’

“I don’t want to hear him talking, this is ridiculous. I wouldn’t be talking while I’m shooting, you know – while I’m being chased by these necromorphs, and he’s having a monologue about his lament for his ex-girlfriend."
Dead Space 2 is out next week, January 25 in the US and January 28 in the UK for the PS3, 360, and PC.