Champions Online Gets Free-To-Play Date

Cryptic along with Atari have announced a date in which the MMO title, Champions Online, will be switching over to free-to-play.

The game will become free-to-play worldwide on January 25 and will be called "Champions Online: Free For All".

Not to fret, you will still be able to hand over money for premium content such as Adventure Packs, items, costume items, powers, which will all be available from the game's C-Store.

If you are currently playing and paying for the game as a Gold Member you will be able to continue to do so. If you have aspirations of signing up as a new player you will be able to upgrade to "Gold Status", which will unlock most of the game's content as well as extra features. That will cost you $14.99 per month.

Get more over at the game's official website.