Kinect Maker Creates Similar Device For PC

Microsoft Kinect's creator, PrimeSense, has announced that they have teamed up with computer maker Asus to create a "Kinect-like" device for the PC.

The hands free controller, named Wavi Xtion, will be shown off at Las Vegas' CES next week. PrimeSense and Asus have said that this controller isn't just for games.
“The WAVI Xtion media center for the PC leverages ultra-wide band wireless link and PrimeSense 3D sensing solution to provide controller-free interaction experiences in the living room,” said the announcement release today.

“Users can browse multimedia content, access the Internet and social networks, and enjoy full body interaction in a more user-friendly and natural living room experience.”
PrimeSense also stated that they will “introduce the world’s first PC-exclusive 3D sensing professional development solution, Xtion PRO, for software developers to easily create their own gesture-based applications and software.

“Xtion PRO is scheduled to be commercially available in February 2011. Developers will also have the chance to sell their applications on the upcoming Xtion online Store.”

Can you say revolutionary?