Cinematic Gameplay Promised For Star Wars: The Old Republic

BioWare's Paul Marino, lead cinematic designer for Star Wars: The Old Republic, recently stated that the goal for the game is to have players interacting with each other in-game cinematically.

According to Marino, players will experience many moments of "directed camera action". The game's dialogue will be very comparable to Mass Effect's voice-overs but the cinematic direction will be more involved and will be full body and moving shots rather than still head and three-quarter body shots.
“These choices are gameplay, presented in cinematic form. Sure, they could be made through the use of simple point-and-click, text-only interface, but the reward of our choices would be passed over and the player would never fully experience the impact of those decisions.”
Star Wars: The Old Republic is due out this upcoming spring for the PC.

Via BigDownload