Games Developers And Journalists Get Together To Support Japan

Some of the top video-game developers and journalists from across the world got together to share their experiences and love for Japanese games in a recent video project named "Gamers Heart Japan". The video is created to help get players to donate towards relief efforts in Japan.

The video is a heartfelt, warm and thoughtful video created to help raise awareness towards the recent disasters in Japan. The video isn't so much a relief video but more-so a celebration of the Japanese gaming industry and some of the fantastic games and developers that have been produced by the Japanese industry. It really makes you think about what games you love from Japan and why the developers over in Japan have influenced the video-game industry as a whole so very much. If you love Japanese games or Japan in general i highly suggest you watch. Also please donate if you can, it is all going to the greater cause of helping Japan through this disastrous time.