Boy Spends 1,082 Pounds Of His Mother's Money On Xbox Live

11-Year old Brendan Jordan racked up a whopping 1082,52 on his single mother's credit card purchasing items from the Xbox Live store.

His single mother Dawn is now working two jobs just to pay of his debt and make ends meet.
"When I put my card details in 18 months ago I thought it was just for his membership to play online with his friends,"
Wrong move there Dawn. Her son Brendan then proceeded to use the card continually and rack up the massive amount through purchasing downloadable content and games from the Xbox Live store. She claimed she attempted to take her details from the Xbox account but she failed and it was not until she complained that the details were removed.
"It was only when I made a complaint that they took all my details off."
She also said that she, doesn't intend to punish her son.
"When he is in gaming mode he can't be thinking about the money. You can't put all that responsibility on a young boy."
I believe Brendan may be a very lucky boy. What isn't clear is what the time span of his spending was. If it had been over a long period of time, surely she would have checked her monthly statements and seen that the money was going out. If this isn't that case and it had happened fast, Brendan must have been one fast spender.
"These companies should take some responsibility. They take advantage of vulnerable people.'
I can't quite think of a time where this has ever happened before, maybe parental controls are there for a reason? I think Dawn must take some responsibility here herself. Whereas for Brendan, he now i am betting has a whole heap of titles to keep him busy for the next few years.

Story via Kotaku