Swedish Director Josef Fares Working on IP with Starbreeze Studios

The award-winning Swedish-Lebanese Director is working with the award-winning Swedish Studio on a hopefully award-winning IP.

Americans might not have any idea who Josef Fares is, but he has become famed for his comedies in Sweden. Foreign film lovers took note - he was named one of Variety's 10 Directors to Watch in 2006.

They should, however, be quite familiar with Starbreeze. The studio was responsible for the excellent The Chronicles of Riddick games, as well as the first The Darkness title.

One makes comedies, the other makes FPSs. Failures like Matt Hazard are cause for concern. Will this be a chocolate/peanut butter situation, or a chocolate/broccoli fiasco? (no disrespect meant to those who enjoy broccoli with their chocolate)

Of note is Fares's success with Zozo, a drama set during the Lebanese Civil War. Drama may very well be his strong suit. Motivation is certainly not an obstacle:

I love games, and I have been working on a games concept for quite some time. The more I worked with the concept, the more convinced I felt that this is a solid game idea. Together with Story Lab we created a prototype that we presented to Starbreeze, and they instantly liked the concept.
said Fares.

Whatever the case may be, as always, HookedGamers will keep you updated when new information comes out.