Enlist in the Commandos: Origins playtest

Alarm! Alarm! Prepare to once again lace the boots of the legendary Commandos squad! Publisher Kalypso Media and developer Claymore Game Studios are looking for aspiring Cadets to assist in their upcoming revival of the fan-favourite Commandos series in Commandos: Origins.

War has once again found itself at the doorstep of the great powers of World War II, and only heroic deeds will be enough to fight against it. The development team are looking for both seasoned Commandos veterans and talented new cadets to help shape this new campaign.

Take part in several missions across varied locations, from the scorching African Desert to the unforgiving tundra of the Arctic. At the forefront of this gripping conflict is the Commandos led by Jack O'Hara, The Green Beret.

Can you report the latest intel to HQ? Will you forage for bugs in the jungle undergrowth? Are you a commando waiting for your origin? Enlist today as a Cadet for Commandos: Origins to be considered for any upcoming PC Alphas/Betas across Steam and the Microsoft Store. If you are selected, you will receive an invitation via email which will direct you to an exclusive Discord server where you can give feedback directly to the developers.

Sign up for the playtest here.

Commandos: Origins is gearing up for a 2024 release and will be available on day one with Xbox Game Pass for console and PC and on Xbox Series X|S, Windows 11 PC, and PlayStation 5.

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