Borderlands 3 Ultimate Edition announced

The latest episode of The Borderlands Show was jam-packed with exciting Borderlands 3 news, including the announcement of Borderlands 3 Ultimate Edition, the reveal of four radically re-envisioned Vault Hunter models, and the first look at gameplay for the brand new Arms Race that launches November 10 as part of the Designer’s Cut add-on, which can be purchased alone or as part of Season Pass 2.

Arms Race offers a roguelike experience that’s fast-paced, challenging, and consistently remixed by randomized elements. You’re stripped of all your gear, passive abilities, and Actions Skills and dropped into a new zone where you’ll have to get loot or die trying. The action takes place throughout the Stormblind Complex: an expansive, decommissioned DAHL military base set on a wintry island in a previously hidden corner of Pandora.

Arms Race, as well as a new set of Skill Trees, will be included in the Designer's Cut add-on. Designer's Cut requires a copy of Borderlands 3 to play and can be purchased individually or as part of Season Pass 2. Season Pass 2 will include two all-new downloadable content add-ons – Designer's Cut and Director's Cut – and will be available for purchase starting November 10. The Designer’s Cut add-on also launches on November 10, while Director’s Cut – which includes additional missions, end-game content, and behind-the-scenes extras – is planned for release in spring of next year.

The episode of The Borderlands Show also featured another reveal: the Multiverse Final Form cosmetics packs. Unlike any previous cosmetics add-on, these packs provide four entirely new character models, one for each Vault Hunter. The Final Forms depict how each character might’ve turned out in an alternate universe where they never became a Vault Hunter. These new cosmetics can be mixed and matched with other Bodies and Heads as desired and can also be paired with all existing skins.

Borderlands 3 Ultimate Edition announced

The Multiverse Final Form cosmetics packs will be available as part of Season Pass 2, though you can also pick up these packs if you purchase the brand new Borderlands 3 Ultimate Edition, which delivers the quintessential Borderlands 3 experience. Ultimate Edition grants you access to the award-winning base game, multiple bonus cosmetic packs, and both the original Season Pass and Season Pass 2, which combined offer six exceptional content add-ons.

The slick Final Form models are also included in Borderlands 3 Next-Level Edition, a new console-only version that includes the base game and the Multiverse Final Form cosmetics packs. Finally, as a thank you to everyone who has maximized their mayhem thus far, the Multiverse Final Form cosmetic packs will be granted to all players who own Borderlands 3 Super Deluxe Edition or the original Season Pass, with no additional purchase necessary.

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