New game modes added to Baron: Fur is Gonna Fly

We had the chance to review Baron: Fur is Gonna Fly a little while ago, but it seems the team at Dogmelon Games have kept themselves busy since.

Gamers can return to the skies in the most fur-ocious aerial battles yet with new modes - Paint, King, Capture the Cow and Souvenir modes for one to eight players added to the already fun title. The update also adds a number of quality of life fixes and a new difficulty level for bots that will put even ace pilots to the test.

Create a chaotic aerial masterpiece in Paint mode, with teams going head to head covering the arena in their colors. Longevity is the key to victory as pilots create more paint the longer they stay afloat.

New game modes added to  Baron: Fur is Gonna Fly

In King mode, pilots work together to take down the monarch as they rack up points. The animal who shoots down the sultan becomes the next monarch of the skies, ensuing chaos as the King gets access to special weapons which randomize with each use.

Bovine will fly in Capture the Cow, as pilots race to claim a cow randomly appearing around the map. The longer a plane carries the cow, the more points the flyer gets, but without the ability to shoot or dodge, cow carrying pilots must unleash all the aerial tricks at their disposal to win.

New game modes added to  Baron: Fur is Gonna Fly

Souvenir mode has planes drop coins whenever they meet an untimely demise, meaning flyers don’t need to be sharp shooters to win. Anyone can swoop in, pick up coins, and claim victory if they keep their eyes peeled.

After last month’s take off of Baron, our fans told us they loved the game but wanted more ridiculous ways to rule the skies. We now have eight different ways to engage in aerial hijinks, from extra strategy for those who want a challenge, and more more ways to be a top pilot with added accessibility in new modes.
said Anthony Wiese, Co-Developer of Dogmelon Games.

Baron’s anthropomorphic dog fighting battles now come with a new difficulty level for bots and a number of quality of life fixes, all at a reduced price of 14.99 USD / 14.99 EUR. Baron’s whimsical original soundtrack, now available for $10 via iTunes is also available. The soundtrack will also be available for free to anyone who has previously purchased a copy of Baron on any platform, veteran pilots can visit the Baron website to secure their copy. With a song for each of the eight anthropomorphic characters, victors can let their favorite theme ring out anytime.

Looks like it is time for me to get back into the skies.