Infestation World betas announced

Infestation World, an open-world sandbox survival game with a focus on competitive multiplayer modes has announced the open and closed beta dates.

Infestation World's outbreak will begin when a closed beta runs from March 28 - April 3, followed by an open beta that launches on April 6.

When players aren't battling zombie hordes and each other in Infestation World's expansive map, they can earn in-game prizes through two competitive multiplayer game types in Battle Mode. Both reward coordinated teamwork, making Battle Mode a natural proving ground for eSports competitors.

Time Attack - the team with the most kills after a match with unlimited respawns is declared the winner. This game type encourages an aggressive style of play with bold, risky strategies.

Team Deathmatch - a classic setup where each player only has one life per match. Team Deathmatch encourages conservative strategies, as hasty, miscalculated moves can quickly leave a player dead and teammates at a disadvantage for an entire match.

Battle Mode's most lethal players can defend their reputations at regional qualifiers across the United States, Europe, Asia and other regions. Regional champions will meet to compete for a prize pool generated from in-game purchases at Infestation World Championship 2016, taking place in Thailand in Q3 2016.

Later this year, Infestation World will also introduce another game mode called War System, a large-scale battle between clans for a village's central control point. With an emphasis on clan-wide teamwork and reliance on personal gear, War System matches will offer a game-wide challenge for clan supremacy unlike anything players face in other game modes.