Primal Carnage Extinction unleashes new content

Circle 5 Studios and Pub Games have announced the “Survival Update,” which offers dinosaur-fans a few more reasons to rejoice this summer. The Update should be live sometime between tonight and tomorrow.

New Co-Op Gameplay- The Primal Carnage brand has thus far been a strictly PvP experience but “Survival” offers players a Co-op experience where the humans players must square off against endless waves of ever more challenging AI dinosaurs on the all new “Visitor Center” map. Players face off against a variety of dinosaurs including encounters with vicious cloaked raptors, fearsome pack alphas, and the towering Acrocanthosaurus. Players are rewarded for their kills with currency they can use to buy powerups, weapon upgrades, and supplies before facing the next wave of prehistoric peril. Survival can be played in single-player or with up to 5 players in online co-op.

New Playable Dinosaur- The long-awaited Acrocanthosaurus is the newest addition to the Tyrant class of Dinosaurs. Though smaller and more thin-skinned than its Spino and Rex counterparts, the Acro’s speed, health-regenerating roar, and knockback-dealing stomp make it equally ferocious.

New Weapons For the Human Team
· Tranq Rifle: Trade your scoped bolt-action rifle powerful mid-range tranq rifle with a devastating capacity for incapacitation.
· Sensor Mine: New throwable weapon for the Scientist that marks nearby dinosaurs for your team.
· Frag Grenades: The commando finally a military-grade fragmentation grenade option.
· Hatchet: New throwable option for Pathfinder. Flares not doing it for you? Stick a Raptor in the face with this shiny new hatchet. (Raptor not included)

New Skins and Cosmetics Available – The Survival Update offers players more items to collect and customize their characters with. Three new item crates have been added to the game along with more than 50 other weapon skins, character skins, and other accessories are now dropping for players. The store now also offers name tags and description tags to players who want to make their loot even more epic.

A Glimpse of What’s to Come:
· New Game Modes: Currently developing more objective-oriented gamemodes as well as an asymmetric gamemode which pits one powerful dinosaur against a team of human players.
· User-Generated Content: Exploring releasing a map editor and integrating Steam Workshop to allow users to create playable content.
· New Dinosaurs, Weapons, Maps, Items, and everything else.

Might just have to pop in and have a look for myself.