The Mighty Quest for Epic Loot open beta announced

Ubisoft has announced that The Mighty Quest for Epic Loot is welcoming all players into its open beta on Steam and on PC. The game is now accessible to everyone willing to stockpile gold, loot neighbours’ chests and brag about maniacal castle defenses in their quest to become the undisputed master of Opulencia.

To kick off the permanent opening of the kingdom in the skies, The Runaway is officially joining the quest. She brings the epic looting team of the Knight a.k.a Sir Painhammer, the Archer a.k.a Blackeye Bowgart and the Mage a.k.a The Earl of Evilosity to four. Experienced looters as well as newcomers will enjoy her striking speed that gives her a clear edge during combat. This rocker girl shows no mercy when it comes to hacking and slashing; she rocks the axe like nobody else.

Adding to the slew of new features launching today, five Diamond packs are now available for players looking to get a head start in the game.. The Runaway will be playable with the Attacker Pack, the Trio Combo and the Ultimate Pack for players looking to get their hands on Opulencia’s newest looter.

Players, beware: in Opulencia no one should sleep easy, especially since the new Defense Mode with Open Creation is at work. Closed-beta revealed how imaginative looters could be when their precious treasure was threatened and to spice up the variety of castle defense options, Open Creation was put into place. The open beta allows players to outstretch the limits of their creativity and cleverness by customising traps setups and creatures placement to fully control their (almost) impenetrable defenses. Of course, Open beta is just the beginning of the adventure, as the Mighty Quest will only keep evolving and improving over time.

To get looting sign up with a Uplay account at