Pac-Man returns...via the Museum

After their much heard about prank on the Sega Headquarters, Namco Bandai have announced that Pac-Man is back in Europe and Australasia with the release of Pac-Man Museum. The compilation is now available as a digital download release for Xbox 360, PS3 and Windows PC.

PAC-MAN, the yellow 80ís icon with a voracious appetite that has transcended generation upon generation of gamers stars in this nostalgia-packed collection of games. In the game, players will need to skilfully dodge and juke troublesome ghosts while gobbling up all the pac-dots and power pellets lying in their path. PAC-MAN MUSEUM will include classic PAC-MAN titles as well as newer arcade releases, allowing gamers to play through the evolution of PAC-MAN from his humble beginnings from 1980 through 2008ís critically acclaimed PAC-MAN Championship Edition* and 2010ís arcade smash-hit like PAC-MAN Battle Royale.

PAC-MAN Battle Royale turns PAC-MANís classic pellet chomping gameplay on its head with multiplayer madness and is available for consoles and PCs for the very first time. The ghostly mayhem breaks out of the PAC-MAN formula and features an over-the-top experience for up to four players with each player controlling a PAC-MAN character to gobble up pellets, fruits and best of allÖ each other. Players will chomp their way to victory through fast-paced maze action with the constant threat of both ghosts and opposing PAC-MAN characters around every corner.