Total War Shogun 2: Fall of the Samurai pre-orders revealed

SEGA have unveiled the pre-order content available for Total War: Shogun 2: Fall of the Samurai, the stand alone expansion to the critically acclaimed Total War: Shogun 2. Along with the announcement comes a Story Trailer for the expansion.

Depending on your pre-order preference, there are three unique playable clans to choose from.

    The Saga are staunch industrialists. Forward-thinkers in both war and politics, they have embraced the technological influence of the Western Powers, and excel with artillery weapons and modern warships to further the cause of The Emperor.

    The once-humble Tsu are artful strategists. They are skilled in swaying popular opinion to the Imperial cause and are rightly feared for their use of Ninja and assassins both on the battlefield and as agents in the campaign, there are few who can stand against the guile and cunning of such an adversary.

    Finally the Obama clan are famed for their control of power, their strength in governance and ability to influence the will of the people. Staunch defenders of their lands their people gladly suffer the burden of high taxation.

Whichever of these great houses you chose, their destiny and that of all Japan lies with you.

No confirmed date for the release yet, though.