Total War Shogun 2: Fall of the Samurai Expansion announced

SEGA has announced that the official stand alone expansion for the critically acclaimed, Total War: SHOGUN 2 will be available from March 2012. And along with the announcement of 'Fall of the Samurai' comes a short Teaser trailer.

This massive-scale, standalone expansion to Total War: Shogun 2 offers a completely new experience to players. Six new playable clans, including those supporting a modern imperial Japan such as the Satsuma, and those allied with the old Shogun like the Nagaoka, are now available. Three great foreign powers must also be dealt with: America, Britain and France all have a vested interest in Japanís future. All this plays out across an expanded and improved campaign map, covering new island provinces in the far north and featuring all-new building and technology trees as well as brand new features such as railways and naval bombardments, seen for the first time in a Total War title.