Battlefield Heroes hits 7 million players

Battlefield Heroes, the hit arcade cartoon shooter, has reached an astonishing seven million registered players and to say thank you the team at EA and DICE are offering a bevy of special promotions for seven days (March 8 - 15). During this time, gamers from around the world will receive a pack including 77 bandages, 77 Battlefunds and 77 wrenches just by logging in. That's certainly worthwhile for casual and hardcore BFH players.

The celebration doesn’t stop there though. For a limited time, players can also take advantage of a cool store offer. For only 777 Battlefunds, players get a 7-day XP boost, a 7-day VP boost, a 7-day Sarge’s stamina boost and 777 tonics.

Battlefield Heroes is a Play4Free third-person shooter available for download at The Battlefield Heroes website , the game features fun cartoon-style graphics and gameplay that caters to players of all skill levels. Battlefield Heroes is easy to pick up and play and is certainly alot of fun.

I'll see you on the battlefield after I've picked up my free stuff.