Major League Gaming Moves Over 100 Domains Away from GoDaddy

The opposition to SOPA gets more and more intense as time passes. Major League Gaming, in protest of the internet domain registrar GoDaddy's support of the bill, has moved all of their domains to another company.

The game industry is mostly under the unfortunate umbrella of the ESA, the political lobbying arm of the industry, which is still in support of the bill. Major League Gaming, however, is outside of that sphere, and has taken a stance against SOPA and its supporters.

"LG would like to officially announce that we have removed our entire network, which encompasses over 100 domains, from in response to their support of SOPA," said the organization in a statement on their website. Going further, MLG specified that they'd be using Namecheap for their domain hosting from now on. "MLG is firmly against both the specifics of SOPA and the philosophy behind the bill. We urge all of you to read up on the issue and draw your own conclusions."

This stands as one of the first acts by anyone close to the game industry speaking out against SOPA, but when a bill stands to be so impacting on business, it only makes sense to stand against it. With luck, we will start to see some game developers (publishers are just unlikely be against the bill) speak out in opposition.