New Gameplay Videos from Nintendo Direct Conference

A couple of gameplay videos have come out of the recent Nintendo Direct conference. We get to see what some of the online multiplayer of Kid Icarus: Uprising looks like, as well as get another glimpse of Fire Emblem on 3DS.

The team deathmatch-esque multiplayer mode of Kid Icarus seems pretty straightforward, from the video. Players are on either the light or dark team, battling against each other in the typical third-person action game style. Judging from the video (unfortunately, I don't speak Japanese) there are unlockable and/or customizable weapons. It doesn't seem too much to assume the game may also include a leveling system, but that's just my own speculation at this point.

The Fire Emblem video shows off familiar gameplay mechanics, including battle animations, map interaction, character customization, and what appear to be some special and/or combo attacks. The trailer also serves to announce the game's April 19 Japanese release date.

This trailer also shows off some familiar gameplay, with nothing new outside of revealing the game's March 15 Japanese release date. Dynasty Warriors Vs. will sport four player competitive play, where each player controls three generals and tries to take over the map faster than their opponent, in order to capture the opposing players' base.