Red Faction: Armageddon PC Demo Available Only through OnLive

OnLive, the videogame streaming service, has a new first to add to their list. They have now secured exclusive rights to the demo for Red Faction: Armageddon on PC.

Were excited to be first in introducing Red Faction Armageddon to the PC gaming community, said John Spinale, OnLive VP of Games and Media. While we have a rapidly growing base of OnLive-only members, many members game on other platforms in addition to OnLive. Hassle-free demos, particularly combined with massive spectating, are a great way to check out games before buying them...OnLive is looking forward to working with publishers, retailers, websites as well as other platforms to help seamlessly connect gamers with games.

At the end of the demo, gamers are encouraged simply to pre-order the game, and not specifically to do so through OnLive. This is actually a pretty appealing demo opportunity, similar to what Gaikai started offering back in March. If your internet speed is fast enough, then it's much more preferable to demo the game this way than to wait for a download on a console.

While you're not specifically encouraged to pre-order through OnLive, it might not be the worst idea. If you've been curious about trying OnLive, the service has been pretty good with making it easy. Pre-ordering most AAA games made available through the service will net you a free microconsole and/or a free game. In the case of Red Faction: Armageddon, an unlimited PlayPass pre-order comes with a free OnLive copy of Red Faction: Guerilla and a free microconsole.

You can click the link right here to launch the demo. If you don't have an OnLive account, you'll have to register first, but current members can log-in and play.

Red Faction: Armageddon is out for PC, PS3, and 360 on June 6.