GamersFirst Launch Open Beta for APB Reloaded

GamersFirst have blown the doors off APB Reloaded's closed beta, allowing full beta access to the general public. The open beta also comes with new features and in-game items.

The open beta introduces new clan-based combat, with the goal of keeping high level players coming back, a new district, a witnessing mechanic, new items and weapons, and a PvP matchmaking system dubbed the Hybrid Skill Rating system. On top of these and other features detailed below, the open beta's launch also marks the christening of a new data center on the east coast for hosting the game.

From the start of the development of APB Reloaded last fall our focus has been to remove obstacles preventing players from having fun. While our development and design teams have done an amazing job improving driving, shooting, skill ratings, witnessing and other key elements of the game, I am also thrilled with the changes slated to be released during the latter part of open beta, said Bjorn Book-Larsson, Chief Operating Officer for GamersFirst and CEO of Reloaded Productions Ltd. We expect APB Reloaded to set a new bar for what is possible to achieve in a free to play MMO game, and the open beta represents another big step in that direction.

As Criminals complete crimes, they earn a stash of dirty money that they must launder before they can earn it as a mission reward. Enforcers can witness Criminals committing crimes and opt into a mini-mission to stop them, and earn the Criminal's stash in the process. Enforcers must then go to an Evidence Locker to earn the money as a reward themselves. If an Enforcer loses one of these mini-missions, then the Criminal earns any money the Enforcer has that hasn't been turned into evidence. This back-and-forth is intended as a driving mechanic for the random PvP conflict.

The in-game merchant, Armas Marketplace, unveils ten new weapons, as well as new clothing, icons, vehicles, and accessories for player characters. During the open beta, players will be able to lease weapons with in-game cash or by purchasing and using G1 credits.

As for matchmaking, the game is moving from a simple win-loss system to a skill-based hybrid rating system, sourced from several skill rating algorithms such as ELO and Glicko. The goal here is to provide players with the best possible reflection of their actual skill levels in relation to others, as well as provide more even match-ups when pairing groups of Criminals and Enforcers for larger missions.

The game is expected to exit beta and be ready for regular release sometime this year.