2K Working on MMO Based on "Hit Franchise" for Asia

2K Games announced today that they will be working with developer XLGAMES to develop an MMO for the Asian market based on one of their popular IPs.

This means 2K is currently working on three different MMOs for the region.

"One of 2K's key long-term initiatives is to bring our groundbreaking, triple-A entertainment experiences to broader audiences through emerging online platforms and markets," said Christoph Hartmann, president of 2K. "Our partnership with XLGAMES underscores our ongoing commitment to expanding 2K's presence in online gaming and the Asian market by leveraging our creative expertise with companies that are proven leaders in the region."

They're not yet ready to reveal what franchise the game will be based on, but the game has already been in development for a year. The game is in the hands of Jake Song, founder of XLGAMES, who's known for working on Lineage at NCSoft. XLGAMES is also currently working on an ArcheAge, a sandbox MMO built on CryEngine 2 and 3.