Character Crossovers Continue with Battlefield Heroes

Character crossovers have been around for quite some time, with unlockable skins of characters from other games popping up every now and again. The most recent, prominent occurrence of this that I can remember was the Altair skin in Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots. Well, EA is at it this time, although their crossover is between two games that they publish. Are you that one guy who was hoping to get a little Dead Space in your Battlefield Heroes? Well, you've got your wish. Everyone else, here's a pleasant surprise.

EA's putting Dead Space 2 in Battlefield Heroes. It could be awesome. Certainly looks fun, but there's not much to go on beyond the trailer. Oh, did I say trailer? Right, you can check that out below.

So, the CEC Advanced and Titan Security units are coming to Battlefield Heroes. They've apparently been sent in to battle the "horrors of fashion" that have run rampant in the Battlefield Heroes universe. And, obviously these suits from Dead Space 2 are the most stylish things on the market. So, who better to play fashion police? Okay, no one can take this minor plot thread seriously.

Let's just see how this turns out. Early reaction from commenters on the YouTube video are pretty negative, but it's really too early to judge.