Trailer surfaces for A Bird Story, the next game from developer of To The Moon

To The Moon proved to be one of the most moving (and tearjerking) games I've ever played, so I was happy indeed to learn that developer Freebird Games was still at it. Earlier today, they released a trailer for A Bird Story, which is embedded below:

Freebird Games describes it thusly:

A Bird Story is an hour-long adventure game about a boy who found an injured bird. It takes place between a mix of memories and dreams, telling a simple and surreal tale without dialogues.
The game is the bridging episode between episode 1 (To the Moon) and episode 2 of the series, as the boy would grow up to be the elderly patient in episode 2. However, the game is made to be self-contained.

You can preview tracks from Ken Gao's soundtrack here. The soundtrack was a huge part of To The Moon, so let's hope A Bird's Story has a soundtrack that is just as lovely.

The game will launch on November 5. It will be available on Steam and GOG for PC, Mac, and Linux.