Shadow Realms is Bioware's newest action-RPG

Bioware's been teasing a new IP all month, and now at Gamescom they've finally revealed what it is: Shadow Realms.

Here's the teaser:

Shadow Realms contains four-vs-one gameplay. Four players cooperate to fight against the Shadow Lord, who is played by another player and controls the game world. It sounds a bit like Evolve but with RPG elements.

Bioware also revealed that the game will contain episodic storytelling, promising that new episodes will be released frequently and that there will be many cliff-hangers. They also promised "hidden twists," "intriguing characters," and "impactful choices," in the hopes of letting players speculate on what comes next as in a TV series.

The game will be set in Embra, a world of "gothic towers," "machine gun wizards," and "bomb squad clerics." Sounds delightful.

Interested? You can sign up for the game's alpha on the official website.