Third Eye Crime infiltrates Steam

Moonshot Games' stealthy puzzler Third Eye Crime has just launched on Steam.

Originally a mobile title, Third Eye Crime is influenced by noir detective dramas. From a top-down perspective, players guide a criminal named Rothko through a colorful animated world. To successfully complete heists, Rothko must predict enemy movements with his "third eye" ability, avoiding detection and misdirecting his foes.

Here's the game's launch trailer:

The PC version includes the complete package of all 120 levels for $4.99. The mobile version is also available at the App Store for $2.99, but it only offers a select number of those 120 levels--the rest must be purchased in-app. The PC version is the better deal in the long run.

Gamers may also be interested to know that Moonshot Games is comprised of ex-Bungie developers.