InSomnia successfully Kickstarted

Studio MONO's InSomnia has been successfully funded on Kickstarter.

"The team and I are very happy with the continued support from our backers," said lead developer Anatoliy Necrasov. "To reach our inital funding target at this stage is amazing and we're now extremely excited about the possiblity of reaching further stretch goals. This is such great news and we are all very proud of this project and higly motivated to deliver a game that lives up to our backers' expectations!"

The game is described as "an RPG set in a brutal dieselpunk universe" set on a dark, retro-futuristic space station called The Ark. It will ship with 15-20 hours of main storyline, plus 20-30 hours of side quests for the first season/year. More than 20 additional free chapters are planned post-release, each with 3-6 hours of gameplay. It's very admirable of Studio MONO to promise that so much additional content will be free.

Here are the game's main features:
-Play it your way: Backers will receive both DRM-free and Steam versions of the game.
-Go it alone or assemble a crew: Pick between being a lone wolf in single-player mode or going for co-op with friends and family.
-Fight in real time: Develop your character through tactical real-time combat—combining hundreds of skills and abilities.
-Catch the drift: InSomnia will support French, German, English, Spanish, Polish, and Russian.
-Prove your worth: Survive starvation, extreme weather, and serious injuries.
-Free your mind: Break free from leveling systems, character classes, and tedious grind.
-Embrace the unpredictable: Expect the unexpected with randomly-generated events and missions that keep things interesting.
-Solve the puzzle: Embark on non-linear quests and missions with several possible solutions.

Sounds like quite an ambitious project! Let's hope Studio MONO delivers. The game is set to launch on Q4 2015 for PC. Mac and Linux versions will follow at a later date.