Nearly 8 minutes of awesome gameplay from Abyss Odyssey

Abyss Odyssey, ACE Team's roguelike platformer, is looking like an increasingly interesting game. Publisher Atlus has just released the following gameplay demo, which includes nearly 8 minutes of uninterrupted gameplay. The graphics look sweet, the gameplay looks slick, and the game as a whole looks like a fabulous experience:

When the guard said, "Don't go down there! We've lost 20 men already," I half expected her to go all Eowyn and be like "I am no man!"

There are also many gameplay elements that the video doesn't even touch upon. Here's what the game's Steam page has to say:
-Deep combat system that takes cues and mechanics from the fighting game genre. All playable characters have an expansive set of basic and special attacks unique to each of them, along with a host of universal mobility options and advanced tecnhiques. Practice your moves and develop new combos in the Training room, where you can select any character you've unlocked in game, including the enemies.
-Procedurally generated levels ensure no delve into the Abyss is the same. The rooms of the Abyss with their various twists and traps are randomized on every entry. Enemy spawns, equipment and items to be found, special characters to encounter, and more are different each and every time you play.
-Unlock up to three hero characters to level up, earn skills, and collect equipment, then customize it all to best suit your play style. Leveling up earns skills points to upgrade each hero's unique skills a variety of ways, while various weapons and accessories can be equipped to grant them new abilities ranging from freezing opponents to cursing them.
-Play as any character you encounter in the gameŚeven the bosses. Unleash your hero's ultra attack to steal enemies' souls, allowing you take their form. Discover brand new move sets and character styles as you capture over 30 enemies, each as complex and advanced as the three heroes.
-Work as a community to defeat the final boss together. When the collective community of Abyss Odyssey players defeats the final boss enough times, his mask breaks to reveal a new identity. Each time this is achieved, new content will be unlocked in game, including new enemies and other dynamics.
-Beautiful visuals inspired by Art Nouveau, showcasing a story rich in Chilean culture. The flowing lines and beautiful organic styling of Art Nouveau can be seen from the game's UI to its character design. Set in late 19th-century Santiago, those characters and the game's story also draw heavy inspiration from Chilean folklore and mythology.
-Play the campaign solo or with a friend in online or local cooperative multiplayer. A second player can drop in or drop out at any time to join you in your journey down the Abyss.
-Bonus versus mode allows up to 4 players to test their skills against each other. Fight it out in special arenas developed for free-for-all or team-based competitive multiplayer. Use any character you've unlocked in game, hero or enemy, for dozens of characters to choose from.

Abyss Odyssey launches July 15, just under a week from today. The normal price will be $14.99, but you can pre-order the game for $9.99 on Steam. Players who pre-order the game will also get a copy of the soundtrack.