Are you ready to Escape Dead Island?

Sick of zombie games yet? Deep Silver hopes not, because they've just announced Escape Dead Island.

Not to be confused with Dead Island 2, or the upcoming MOBA Dead Island Epidemic, Escape Dead Island is described as a "survival-mystery game with a fresh perspective on the Dead Island universe." There seems to be a large focus on stealth this time around, too.

The story-driven, single-player game casts players as Cliff Calo, who wants to expose the Banoi outbreak by filming evidence at the quarantined island of Narapela. Deep Silver promised that Escape will reveal the origins of the zombie virus, and that the game will bridge the gap between Dead Island 1 and Dead Island 2. (So where does Dead Island Riptide fit in? Or Epidemic for that matter?)

Escape also has a notably different comic-book-like visual style, which is best illustrated in the trailer below:

Escape Dead Island is being developed by Fatshark, a Swedish studio that previously developed such titles as War of the Roses, Lead and Gold and Bionic Commando: Rearmed 2.

It'll be launching for PC, PS3, and Xbox 360 this fall.