The Wolf Among Us season finale coming soon

Telltale Games has just teased gamers with a tweet promising that The Wolf Among Us Episode 5, titled "Cry Wolf," is "coming soon."

The Wolf Among Us season finale coming soon

While the release date has not been set, it's good to know that we'll get the next installment in the near future.

What I love most is that the image describes "Cry Wolf" as a "Season Finale," not as the complete end--meaning that Telltale is confident they'll get to make a Season 2.

The Wolf Among Us is based on the excellent Fables comic series by Bill Willingham, taking place before the events of Fables' first volume. Would a second season continue this, or begin to follow the comic series? Time will tell, but the world of Fables is vast and imaginative, and I can imagine it playing host to many, many wonderful stories. Here's hoping The Wolf Among Us gets to keep going.