Grass Simulator? Really?

Goat Simulator? Okay. Bear simulator? Cool. Rock Simulator? This is getting ridiculous.

And now we have Grass Simulator.

The game is already in the Greenlight Top 100, meaning that when it is released, it is almost guaranteed a spot on Steam.

Here's the game's description:

Hey you! Yes you! Man in the blue sweater, Lady with the pink shoes, Little boy with your pet goat.
Have you waited all your life for a game that brings plot and gameplay together?

Well we have the game for you, With full realistic grass physics, beautiful sky-boxes, Cows?!

Grass Simulator is the game of the next generation, Here are the awesome things possible in Grass Simulator.

-Dynamic Grass Graphics
-Realistic Weather
-Wonderful Environment
-More Grass

Experience Next Generation Grass!

What's next? River simulator? Tree simulator? Gravestone simulator?

What have we done?