Rust is getting Rebooted

Enjoying Rust on Steam Early Access? Well, the final game might end up a wee bit different.

Garry Newman, boss of developer Facepunch Studios and creator of Garry's Mod, has just told PCGamesN that the game is going to be completely rebooted.

Apparently, the reboot is necessary because Rust was built using code from a different game that Facepunch had been working on: Cash4kills, a "a Hitman-style title set in a GTA-style open-world." While that game was completely different from Rust, Facepunch used some of its code for Rust. It didn't end up working out very well.

"There were a lot of stupid decisions made in the old codebase," said Garry. "That's probably unfair. There were a lot of decisions made when we didn't know what game we were making."

As a result, Rust's code became convoluted. "There's a lot of systems that are integral to Rust, that are 3,000 lines long, that could be 100 lines long," Garry explained. "So every time you go to change something you have to chase around finding how these five different systems that it doesn't really need work, then you change it and it breaks 4 different systems that you thought had nothing to do with it."

As a result, Facepunch is starting over from scratch. They seem to be making speedy progress, however. Hopefully the new Rust will please both old players, new players, and the developers themselves.