The Way is about to be Kickstarted

With 40 hours to go as of this writing, The Way has surpassed its initial Kickstarter Goal of $15,000 CAD, earning $22,393 CAD.

Developer PlayWay has already met its first stretch goal, meaning that they'll be able to translate the game into languages other than English. It hopes to meet the following stretch goals before the Kickstarter concludes in 40 hours:

$25,000 CAD - iOS/Android/OUYA ─ More supported platforms. Enjoy The Way on your favorite smartphone/tablet or on the indie's favorite console!

$35,000 CAD - Bonus Chapter ─ A whole new level to explore and extra puzzles to solve in a new enviorment.

$50,000 CAD - Animated Cutscenes ─ Digitally drawn cinematic cutscenes at the end of each chapter, intro and endings.

$100,000 CAD - PS/XBOX/WiiU ─ Even more platforms! The game will be brought to the major console market!

Everything more than this will be used to buy tremendous amounts of coffee to speed up the development time.

The developers also hope for the game to be greenlit on Steam.

The game looks to be a beautiful, puzzling sidescroller in the vein of Out Of This World, Flashback, and Heart of Darkness.

Here's the trailer: