DC takes to space in LEGO Batman 3: Beyond Gotham

Earlier today, Warner Bros. and developer TT Games announced Lego Batman 3: Beyond Gotham, in the form of a comedic teaser trailer that features cameos from other DC superheroes:

The game reportedly follows the events of DC Superheroes, taking Batman on an "intergalactic adventure" as he struggles to stop Braniac from destroying the Earth. This proves complicated, for Brainiac is using the power of the Lantern rings to miniaturise cities from across the cosmos. Batman and various other DC characters must visit the different Lantern Worlds to collect the rings and stop Braniac.

Warner Bros. promises over 150 unlockable characters from the DC universe, each one with new gadgets and abilities. We'll also visit such iconic locations as the Hall of Justice, the Justice League Watchtower and the Batcave.

Warner Bros. also hinted that "the power of the Lantern rings bring unexpected twists to the classic characters' personalities." Can we expect a Blackest Night-esq. situation?

We'll find out when the game launches this fall.