Time-bending shooter SUPERHOT hits kickstarter

Hey, remember that awesome time-stopping FPS prototype SUPERHOT?

Well, the creators are hoping to do a full-fledged release of the game by bringing it to Kickstarter. They're hoping to meet a funding goal of $100,000.

Though the project still has 30 days to go, already $82,252 has been pledged, meaning it is extremely close to meeting its goal already. It's easy to see why the game has generated so much interest, because it has a very unique gameplay twist: time only moves when you move. This has a huge impact on the gameplay.

While you can play the original prototype at the game's website, the full release will include a "story-driven, single-player campaign with a wider range of enemies and weapons, brain-thumping explosions, an Infinite mode for the truly hardcore, and improved visuals."

To help raise interest, the developer has released a new trailer: